February 2018 Update


So first of all…it`s been only 2 months into 2018 and the amount of work/projects I`ve done is a little crazy – here are some of my clients: Huawei (Addicted To You – Director`s Cut),  National Polish Bank (NBP), Allegro, Dakea, Ministry of Energy, European Space Agency, PanGenerator and Frogsong  Studios. Shoutout to 180hb, F25, Fishladder and Platige Image 🙂

Even though I was quite busy with my commercial/ads projects, I have been also working on my upcoming string quartet album entitled Ephemera, which should be ready within a month. I am currently finishing up all the mixes and I hope to be sending the music for mastering in about two weeks from now. I will most certainly be writing more about this project very soon.

Meanwhile, I try to keep on reading – right now Silence. Lectures and writings by John Cage, which even though sounds a little “outdated” (not surprising), is a piece of art in it`s own right.

Oh, and I also listen to A LOT of Johann Johannsson`s music. May his soul rest in peace.